Miracast Windows 7: What You Need To Know

Miracast Windows 7: Today, consumers enjoy multimedia content on a wide range of devices; from smart phones to smart TVs. Unlike in the past where consumers only had the choice of cable and satellite TV, streaming of content has become a major source of entertainment. Furthermore, smart devices have made it easier to share photos and videos. While smart devices offer access to the internet, they offer personalized entertainment too. This means that many people cannot get to enjoy the same content you are watching. Thanks to Miracast for Windows 7, your multimedia content will no longer be available on a single device. With the new protocol, you can connect wirelessly to big screen TVs allowing your entire family to enjoy the content.

Miracast Windows 7
Miracast Windows 7 Software

Miracast Windows 7: What is?

This refers to a groundbreaking protocol that allows seamless display of multimedia content between a wide range of devices – from a smart phone or tablet to a big screen TV. You can also share content from a laptop or computer to the projector in real time making it the perfect way of presenting an idea in a conference room. Miracast was unveiled by the Wi-Fi Alliance in late 2012 as a cross platform protocol that allows sharing of content between devices via Wi-Fi certified Wi-Fi Direct technology without the need for Wi-Fi.

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As a cross platform industry wide solution, the technology works well with a wide range of brands. Making a connection is fairly easy as the technology helps to eliminate the need of HDMI cables. So, can you screen mirror with Windows 7 ? The answer is yes.

Miracast for Windows 7: What you need

To enjoy Miracast seamlessly, you need three things:

  1. Wireless chipset support
  2. OS support
  3. Driver support.

When it comes to Windows OS, the solution supports devices running Windows 8.1 and above. If you have a PC installed with older versions of Windows (7 or 8), you can still enjoy Miracast Windows 7. All you need is to update drivers or you can purchase a Miracast adapter. The Miracast adapter will be connected to your TV allowing you to use your big screen TV as a wireless display. You need to note that Miracast on Windows 7 is sensitive about Wi-Fi stacking which means if you have been using other wireless devices, you need to uninstall them to prevent problems with the protocol.

How to use Miracast for Windows 7

Connect your Miracast dongle to the HDMI and USB ports on your TV. Power up your TV and laptop. The TV will ask you to connect a device. Windows 7 laptops used Intel WIDI to connect with Miracast but the app is currently discontinued by Intel. To determine if your Intel powered computer is compatible with Miracast, head over to this URL – https://www-ssl.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/detect.html or you can find the Miracast driver For Windows 7 on this page. Download the application and run it. It will provide you with a list of updates you need to make to ensure compatibility. To connect to your big screen TV, just follow the instructions and you will get to enjoy a wide range of content.

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Final Thoughts

While Miracast Windows is a great way of enjoying multimedia content between devices, it’s prone to over scan. This is a situation where the videos and images appear zoomed-in. This can be corrected with ease via your TV menu. All you have to do is set your TV to display dot by dot.

Now that you have made the necessary connections, enjoy your content!

Miracast Windows 7 FAQ

Q: My Windows 7 laptop showing error when use the Miracast, how i can fix this?
A: Here you can try to fix miracast not working on windows 7 from this miracast windows 7 troubleshoot guide.

Q: Is there any tutorial about Miracast Windows 11?
A:Yes, you can find it on this page Miracast Windows 11 – How to Connect Windows 11 to a TV


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