Miracast Windows 10, Information That You Need To Know

What is Miracast Windows 10

Are you searching for the best Miracast Windows 10 review? Windows 10 has a built-in ability to stream your videos to another TV or monitor wirelessly that mirror your screen. It has excellent features that are ideal when it comes to making presentations or showing family or workplace slideshows.

Miracast Windows 10
Miracast Windows 10

It works by plugging your Windows 10 capable adapter’s dongle into the monitor’s HDMI port. A dongle is a small device that that can be connected to and used by a computer. It allows you to have access to protected software or wireless broadband. You then open the Windows 10 actions centre and click the connect button.

It will bring up the wireless dongle that’s plugged into your TV or monitor. Your Windows 10 computer will transmit to it using the Miracast technology that mirrors your computer screen. This Miracast Windows 10 review looks at the features of this wireless display, its pros and cons and delivers its verdict.

Miracast Windows 10 Features

  • Display Adapter

The adapter is a creation of the Microsoft Company. Its use is to mirror to your monitor or TV that’s has Windows 10. It uses the Miracast technology, which means you can use your devices that have inbuilt Miracast, for example, Smartphones and Tablet.

  • Miracast Video Adapter

Originally built for Windows 8.1, it also works with Windows and has a Miracast device that’s compatible with Windows.

  • Screen Beam

It’s a wireless display receiver that’s for Miracast devices and Wi-Di laptops. It works in a larger box package in a similar way with the Microsoft adapter. It’s built to be used by a variety of devices to connect to it and mirror your computer screen.

Compatible Miracast Windows10 Dongle Adapter
Compatible Miracast Windows10 Dongle Adapter

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Pros of Miracast Windows 10

  • One benefit of the Miracast Windows 10 is that you can setup a connection straight to your display. You don’t need a router setup to show presentations.
  • You can do a PowerPoint presentation without having to set up a network connection. That’s by taking your Windows 10 dongle with you to your venue or meeting point and plugging the dongle into your TV.
  • This technology is best for PowerPoint presentation, displaying pictures and for showcasing slide shows.


  • The downside is that the distance will affect the quality of your signals since it uses wireless technology. If you want to live stream videos, ensure that your laptop is as close to the dongle as possible.
  • You will also experience a slight delay, for instance, when you use it to play games.


The Miracast Windows 10 technology has many benefits if your computer has a wireless card and chipset that supports Wi-Di/Miracast. Many recent laptops have this feature, which means you can now use larger displays. You can also use Tablet and Smartphone devices that have inbuilt Miracast.

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