Miracast Windows 10 Download

Miracast refers to a standard for wireless technology used by your PC to project the screen to a monitor, projector or television as well as streaming media players which supports it. Miracast windows can be used to share what you have on your PC, making slide presentations and playing games on a bigger screen. If you have a PC with windows operating system that supports Miracast, you can add a wireless display to the PC to make the connection complete and to start projecting.

Miracast for Windows 10


However, your PC may be having an older version of windows, say windows XP or 7. In such a case, you need to upgrade it to a newer version and make sure that it is Miracast supported for it to be ready to project (See this step by step >> How to use Miracast on Windows 10).  At times, the display to be projected do not support Miracast. You need to reset the display aby adding a hardware.

To check if your device is Miracast supported, press “Win+R” and type “dxdiag” then press ‘Enter.’ Click on ‘Save all Information’ and save the text file in your desired location then open the text file and check on Miracast availability.

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Set Up Miracast on Windows 10

Miracast is built into the device nowadays and was first integrated into Windows 8.1. in Miracast, you can send up to 1080p HD video as well as 5.1 surround sound.

  • To set up Miracast on Windows 10, you need to turn on the Miracast support if it is built-in. If not, make sure the external adapter is connected to HDMI port in your PC then power it on.
  • Navigate to start on your windows PC then to settings, devices and finally to connected devices.
  • Click on “Add a new device” and the adapter will appear on the list.
  • Choose on the receiving adapter and the set up will be ready for use.

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In case the connection becomes unsuccessful, check the Miracast device drivers on your PC Windows 7/8/10. Display and Wi-Fi drivers should be fully functional and the PC is Wi-Fi supported. If this is not resolved, tryout another adapter (Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter) or contact the manufacturer for a lasting solution.

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Q: How do i download Miracast?
A: You can download Miracast driver from this Miracast Driver Download page

If you still don’t know how to do it, please watch these full tutorial video

Q: Why doesn’t my pc support miracast?
A: This issue may occur due to corrupt or incorrect Miracast settings. So please follow the step carefully on How to setup and use Miracast on Windows 10 tutorial page

Q: What is Miracast?
A: Miracast is a technology standard that has been ratified by the Wi-Fi Alliance and is native in millions of modern devices worldwide. It wirelessly mirrors what’s on the screen of one device onto another screen for easy viewing and access.

Q: Is it Miracast Support for Windows 11 Latest version?

A: You can find out on this page: Miracast Windows 11 – How to Connect Windows 11 to a TV

Note: According from the ScreenBeam.com Miracast is an essential technology for anyone who wants to wirelessly share content on one screen to another screen or a projector, such as presentations, videos, apps and photos.

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