Miracast vs Chromecast: Screen Mirrors Dongle

There is two screen mirroring dongle options that are presently obtainable to the masses – Miracast and Chromecast. Never heard of them? Nicely, here is a quick introduction to you about Miracast vs Chromecast the best Screen Mirrors Dongle 2017-2018.

What is a Miracast Dongle?

Chromecast VS Miracast

A Miracast dongle is a device that helps a mobile device discover and connect to another device so that it can duplicate the content on the device’s screen to the receiver’s display. It is also universal like an HDMI cable so that you can use it with any brand or system environment.

How does Miracast it work?

Google Miracast and you will find an array of explanation as to what it actually is. In a nutshell, a Miracast dongle, like the LG Miracast dongle, establish a direct, device-to-device wireless connection with each other. It does not rely on your WiFi network so that the flow of information is not dependent on your internet connection.

What is a Chromecast dongle?

Chromecast VS Miracast

Chromecast is a specific device that is particularly used for multimedia streaming. It is a simple dongle that is plug to a receiver’s HDMI port and needs to be connected to The Internet via a WiFi network. You will need an app to start using Chromecast.

How does Chromecast it work?

This device does not mirror content from your mobile devices e.g. laptop, tablet or smartphone to the Chromecast dongle. Your mobile device acts as a remote control that directs the dongle to the content that it needs to pull from the internet.

Chromecast will need you to install the setup app onto a mobile device. The app can be downloaded from Chromecast’s website or through app stores i.e. Google Play or App Store. Once installed, it will help you connect your Chromecast dongle to your WiFi network so that it can go online and pull content from the internet.

Once you have Chromecast up and running, any device that is connected to the same WiFi network and has the plugin installed can wirelessly stream supported content to the receiver’s display. Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, YouTube, Google Music, and Pandora are some of the content providers that caters to Chromecast.

Miracast VS Chromecast

When you compare Miracast vs Chromecast, it seems like one is better than the other depending on what your needs are. We have used both pieces of technology and come up with a pros and cons list to help you make your decision if you are still torn on the advantages and disadvantages from Miracast to Chromecast has.

Chromecast Miracast
  • Chromecast detects content that can be cast on the receiver. Once the cast button activates the device, the technology will take over – you will be able to multitask or even shut your device off.
  • Highly compatible with mobile devices where the app is easily accessible.
  • Workable with major multimedia apps e.g. Netflix, Youtube and Hulu.
  • Purchasable from $35.
  • The content of the source screen is identically duplicated without the need for ann HDMI cable.
  • Uses WiFi Direct technology that results in a seamless connection between devices.
  • Great for connecting PC, laptop or tablet to a projection screen to facilitate business presentations.


  • The screen mirroring function is still in beta mode – you can duplicate a device’s screen, but it is still blotchy and slow.
  • Only works with Apple and Android devices, isolating Windows users.
  • Cannot work offline and, therefore, is not practical if you are planning to use it in an office that has no WiFi network.
  • Unable to multitask as it is exclusively for screen mirroring purposes.
  • Only works with Android and Windows devices, isolating Apple users.
  • Purchasable from $60.

So what’s is your choice, Miracast or Chromecast ? It’s up to you guys 😀

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