How To Use Miracast on xBox One with AirServer Screencast App

Did you need to screen share your xBox One display? Yeah, many people search for the tutorial about how to use miracast on xBox One. About this problem, I wanna try to helping. Hope this guide can be the best solution for people that need to cast their xBox. Here we go 😀

Miracast on xBOX One

How to Use Miracast on XBox one

# Method 1: How To use Miracast on xBOX One Using Airserver App

First, you’ll need AirServer app on your xBOX. AirServer has been available on the Xbox One for awhile but thanks to a new update it now works with all Miracast devices. Previously Miracast support was limited to Windows devices streaming to the Xbox One.

How To install AirServer on xBox One

  1. Download AirServer and run the installer.
  2. In the AirServer Activation window, enter your activation code or registered email address.
    • If you purchased AirServer, your activation code would be sent in an email immediately after the purchase.
    • If you paid with a PayPal account, the registered email address would be your PayPal primary email address.
    • If you experience any errors with your activation, view the Activation section of our support page.
  3. Click Activate. AirServer is now ready to use.
    • No window will open on your computer until you begin streaming or mirroring content to AirServer.

Features for AirServer for Xbox One:

  • AirPlay support including AirPlay audio and AirPlay screen mirroring
  • Chromecast support
  • Miracast support
  • Background audio support

AirServer app comes with a relatively high price tag of $19.99, but when compared to the price of the hardware it is doing a similar job to, the price is fairly reasonable.

#Method 2: How To use Miracast on xBOX One Using Wireless Display App

Here’s How To Get Xbox One Wireless Display App:

  • You can get the Wireless Display app via the Quest titled “Extend your screen.” Start the quest to be taken to the Xbox Store page to start your download. Once it’s finished you can launch the quest again to launch the app and start working through the scenarios we’d love for you to try.

 How To Use of Xbox One Wireless Display App:

  • Launch the app, you will see your Xbox name on the screen, ready for a connection. Use your device interface to project your screen, mirror your screen or share your screen. Select your Xbox and voila!
  • If you need to change the name of your console, try using the app settings menu which has a link to your console’s settings and change the name there.

Some of the known issues in Xbox One Wireless Display App:

  • Projection of premium content is not supported. Projecting from apps like Netflix or Hulu+ will be blocked by your device as this is protected content.
  • Devices that enable HDCP protection at all times will not be able to project. like: Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2 and Sony Xperia Z Ultra.
  • In some instances you may need to remove your Console from your device’s display list in order to reconnect.
  • iOS devices do not support Miracast.

This app is only compatible only with latest Xbox One firmware, which is  xb_rel_1505.150423-2200. Now enjoy your xBox One screen sharing :D. Please share this article about how to use miracast on xBox One if you want to help another people with this same problem.

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