Troubleshooter: How To Fix Miracast Error Screen Mirroring

Miracast Windows issue 1: It is Only Screen Mirroring

Miracast is a great concept in theory. It must be open standard for wireless display streaming that each manufacturer can implement, permitting devices to just function with each other. It would be great to be able to stroll into a hotel space and simply mirror your device’s screen on its Tv, or walk into an office and wirelessly connect to a Television so you could give a presentation with no messing with cables. Miracast promises to banish the HDMI cable.

miracast error

In practice, even if Miracast worked completely, the core style would nevertheless be a problem. Banishing the HDMI cable is nice, but Miracast doesn’t have the “smarts” competing protocols provide. Each Apple’s AirPlay and Google’s Chromecast can mirror a device’s screen — yes, a Chromecast can even mirror your Windows desktop and all your running applications. Nevertheless, they can also be smarter.

For example, you could open the Netflix app on your telephone, find a movie you want to watch, and tap the Chromecast button. Your phone would then inform the Chromecast to play the video, and the CHromecast would connect to the net and stream it directly. You could then set your phone down and it would go to sleep. With Miracast, your phone’s screen would have to keep powered-on and streaming the video for the whole length of the Netflix film, draining its battery.

These protocols also enable you to show some thing distinct on your device’s screen and on your Tv. So you could watch a Netflix video and view the playback controls only on your phone, so they wouldn’t get in the way on the Tv. Or, you could play a video game and view only the game world on the screen, with a separate set of controls on your phone. With Miracast, you can’t have separate controls on your phone — your Tv just mirrors every thing on your phone’s show.

Miracast could be a great resolution for replacing HDMI cables with a wireless protocol, but it’s inconvenient for many of the things men and women use Chromecast and AirPlay for in the living space.

Miracast Windows Issue 2: It is Unreliable and Often Does not Work

But here’s the greatest problem with Miracast. It’s an open standard and Miracast-certified devices are supposed to communicate just fine with other Miracast-certified devices. Nevertheless, they usually don’t. If you look at help pages for devices like the Roku three, you will usually see a list of devices that have been tested to work with the receiver. This shouldn’t be essential if it was a appropriate regular — you do not want to verify if your model of telephone or laptop is compatible with your Wi-Fi router, following all.

Time and time once again, both coordinated tests and people trying to use Miracast in the true globe have struggled to make it operate. We tried acquiring Miracast working on a Roku 3 following enabling the new Screen Sharing function and have been unable to, both with a Nexus 4 operating Android 4.4.4 and a Surface Pro two operating Windows eight.1. Each are officially approved devices Roku says will perform, but they all hang on a “Connecting” message ahead of timing out without having any useful status messages.

This shouldn’t be because of a problem with our Wi-Fi network, as Miracast is supposed to use Wi-Fi Direct. This means Miracast devices can even perform where no Wi-Fi network is present — the devices connect directly to every single other, bypassing the standard Wi-Fi network and wireless router.

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Miracast for Windows is nice in theory, but it is also just a wireless HDMI cable. In numerous conditions, you’re typically just far better off plugging in an HDMI cable rather than dealing with the possible connection difficulties and streaming glitches.

A new generation of Miracast receivers and Miracast-capable operating systems could potentially solve these issues and turn MIracast into a common that works effectively. We can only hope that will come about.


  1. In order to Chromecast my phone to my computer, does miracast have to work on my computer? I have an HP Pavilion with Windows 10. On my computer, below projecting, it says this: This device doesn’t support receiving Miracast, so you can’t project to it wirelessly. Then all the options below are grayed out. So I’m hoping there’s a way I can use Chromecast to connect my phone to this computer.

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