How To Fix Dell Miracast Windows 10

Dell Miracast Widows 10 – Sometimes your Windows 10 Dell Laptop/Computer is not working when mirroring the display to an external display or projector using Miracast. This is a common issue that is often experience by other Dell users in the world.

dell miracast windows 10
Dell Miracast on Windows 10

The first troubleshooting step to take is to ensure compatibility with the Intel WiDi (Intel Wireless Display) platform. The Dell hardware relies on the Intel WiDi feature to support Miracast, so WiDi compatibility on the imaging device and the client system is essential.

Let’s look at some of these method that we can do with this Dell Miracast Windows 10 problems

Method 1: Update Intel WiDi Driver for Dell Laptop

While compatibility with the Intel WiDi platform is needed for Miracast to mirror a display in Windows 10, please note that Intel will no longer provide support for their Intel WiDi Adapter Software. The current version ( will be the last release.

Before we update the WIDI driver, you need to know about the compatibility of your device. So, we recommended to read this before.

WiDi technology requires a set of compatible hardware, drivers, and software to work properly. This includes, but is not limited to, wireless and graphics drivers for specific platforms for each supported operating system. Many of the features in Windows 10 will not function correctly on older platforms due to driver limitations. As result, the following limitations will prevent Intel WiDi (or Miracast) support for Windows 10:

  • Legacy WiFi adapters that supported WiDi may not support it for Windows 10.
  • 2nd generation Intel processors do not support WiDi in Windows 10.
  • External display devices must explicitly state that they support WiDi. If they do, older devices may require a firmware update to support it in Windows 10.
  • Dell systems with embedded non-Intel graphics controllers (such as AMD) will negate WiDi support.

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So, If you still need to update your Intel WIDI, please follow this step:

  1. First, You need to go to this Miracast Driver page
  2. Then choose the driver that compatible with your operating System
  3. Or, jump to this Miracast Windows 10 Driver page if you need to update your miracast driver for Windows 10
  4. Download the driver installation file by following the link that provided.
  5. Save the driver installation file into your storage.
  6. Install the driver by right-click then Run As Administrator
  7. Follow the installation until Finish
  8. Reboot your Dell Laptop/PC
  9. Now, Miracast should be working on your Dell PC/Laptop/Tablet

Method 2: Update your Windows 10 Dell Miracast in Windows 10.

During pre-release testing of Dell Client and Consumer line systems (Inspiron Desktops, Inspiron, XPS, Vostro and Latitude Notebooks & Tablets) users encountered a variety of problems when trying to use Miracast External Link with the Windows 10 operating system. These issue include but are not limited to:

  • Network Connectivity Issues,
  • Degraded Audio
  • Jittery Video
  • Hanging of the Wireless Display


Installation of the Microsoft Windows 10 Threshold 2 (TH2) November 2015 External Link update should resolve Miracast issues in Windows 10. Installation of the lates BIOS, Video and Wireless drivers are also recommended.

Dell Miracast FAQ

Please read another case on below about Miracast issue with Dell Latitude Laptop

Problem by Foxbass

Bought Chromecast, followed directions, can’t get e6430 to connect. Have the correct miracast opening screen up on tv set to windows . Laptop claims it does not support miracast. Yet it is a 3rd gen processor with intel graphics. Have set lattitude to search for new device but it cannot find anything other than existing phone, wireless speaker, wireless head phones and fitbit.

Best Answer by Jphughan

You should be able to activate Miracast by holding the Windows Key down, pressing “P” (for “project”), and then clicking “Connect to a wireless display” in the sidebar that appears.

If that’s not working, then where exactly is the laptop claiming that it does not support Miracast?  And what WiFi card do you have?  Miracast is a notoriously finicky and ill-supported protocol, but if your system claims it doesn’t support it at all, then that’s probably your answer, and it’s probably related to the WiFi card.

If you wanted to upgrade that, the Intel 7260HMW would fit into that system and probably be a significant upgrade from whatever came with an E6430.  They’re about $30 on Amazon, but make sure you get the Wireless-AC 7260, not the Wireless-N 7260, since the latter only supports 802.11n.

I have no idea why Intel used the same model code for two different cards that have vastly different capabilities, but they did.  It’s also important to get the HMW, not the NGW in your case.